Travel to Tulum

Your guide to paradise.

Travel-to-TulumIt is nearly impossible not to fall in love with Tulum. It is paradise in it’s truest form - sandy beaches; calm, crystal blue water and, friendly, welcoming people. How could you not be friendly when in paradise, right? You've got those beautiful beaches but... "the pueblo" aka Tulum Town is so laid back and full of hidden gems! Great restaurants, fun, low key bars, shops and people watching for days. Tulum has so much more to offer if you take the time to visit and explore.

It is hard to find a lot of helpful information on Tulum when you are trying to plan your vacation. Planning my first trip to Tulum had me so frustrated. I couldn’t find any resources that I found particularly helpful and I wasn’t particularly comfortable going somewhere “off the beaten path” without a better plan. Finally I took a bit of a leap of faith and thank heavens I did! Now I am constantly trying new places, learning new things to help others that might be feeling the same way I did back in 2011.

I have written this book with all of those frustrations in mind. What do I know now that I wish I knew then? What are all of the tips I give my friends or places I make them see while they are in town? Those are all of the things that you will find in the Travel to Tulum book. The book includes options for every budget and various locations in town and along the beach. It will help you save money, give insider tips on things to check out while you are in town, and, save you from that horrible frustration when you feel blind planning a trip.

I hope you find the book useful and would love to hear what you think! Please send me a note if you have any questions, come across something that you think others might find useful to be included in subsequent updates, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the guide?  Lots! But to name a few subjects - brief history of Tulum, logistics & tips (this one is very helpful - includes budget suggestions, weather & packing guides, transportation tips, etc, etc), suggested itineraries, top things to see & do, accommodation suggestions, restaurant & bar suggestions, etc. etc. 

What makes this guide different?  Well, first, this is the first guidebook specific to Tulum. Up until now, the best you could get was a few pages in a Cancun or Playa Del Carmen focused book. Even then, the info in those books is limited at best. Mostly guiding you to the ruins. This book covers Tulum in depth and… is written as though I am speaking to my best friends. That means you are getting all of my little tips and suggestions to really live it up and enjoy an incredible vacation in Tulum.

What makes you an expert on Tulum?  One word - obsession. I have visited Tulum a lot and finally picked up and moved there in 2016. I can’t get enough of it so I am constantly exploring, learning tips to save money, locals favorite spots, etc.

What is the difference between this guide and the information on your website?  The website has great info and is constantly being updated and added to which makes it a great resource. The book though walks you through planning and taking a trip to Tulum step by step. It provides more detail and nitty-gritty like things to expect, things to plan for, etc.

Will this save me any money?  Depending on the type of traveler you are, yes, it is quite likely that the tips in this book will save you money. Suggested accommodations, things to do, etc are broken down by cost and there are a number of specific cost savings tips as well.

Is this guide available in print?  The book is only available through Amazon Kindle at this point but print will be coming very soon!  

Are there coupons inside?  No, there are no coupons, just tips to help save you money.

Did these business "buy in" or pay you for the recommendation? Absolutely not! I know that most guides out there ask companies to buy in and pay to have the business featured but that makes no sense to me at all. These are my true personal experiences and recommendations. 

What if I have questions?  Email me! I love talking about this stuff so if you have any questions - just reach out: