Just a chick obsessed with Tulum.

FullSizeRenderHi, I'm Ashley C. (aka Tulum Traveler) and welcome to the site.

I first discovered Tulum in 2011 and was immediately entranced by the  laid back atmosphere, friendly people and beautiful scenery.  

Over the years my husband Frank and I have shared our  favorite place with friends and family again and again. With each trip, I would naturally assume the role of travel planner/tour guide because I wanted to share every little bit of my love for Tulum with my nearest and dearest. When you love something as much as I love Tulum, it is exciting and fun to share it with everyone around you.  

Finally, after a trip with my grandfather and sister (Frank was there too), they suggested that I share all of this hard work and expertise with others interested in Tulum. With that tulumtraveler.com was born and I began offering custom travel guidebooks and Tulum travel planning services. Next thing you know, by popular demand, the Travel To Tulum guidebook was born as a way to help even more people plan their perfect trip.

I am a yoga instructor and love the community and connections created through yoga. I like to keep things fun and lighthearted throughout my power vinyasa classes. My husband Frank is an avid runner & triathlete and coaches athletes of all abilities through his coaching company, Prana Endurance Training. (www.pranaendurancetraining.com).

In 2016 Frank and I made our dreams a reality. We quit our 9-5 jobs in San Francisco, picked up (with our dog Miko of course) and moved to paradise. Nowadays, when not helping others discover Tulum or training athletes, you will find us swimming along the ocean, practicing yoga along the beach and running throughout town.

Support Team

Couldn't do it without 'em.



Adventure Guide

Frank's the one that started it all. He introduced me to Tulum, encouraged me to follow my passion and help others experience my absolute favorite place to the fullest and ultimately, took the plunge and moved to Tulum with me. He is my technical support, interpreter, sounding board, my everything.  



Miko Tulum Beach


Adventure Coordinator

Miko keeps me sane when Frank drives me crazy. He has been by my side for 11 years and is the ultimate best friend. He puts up with all of my crazy antics (guess he doesn't have much of a choice but we won't focus on that part) and loves me still. Miko loves Tulum about as much as Frank and I do too!